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Masters of Malt Dram Club – “More importantly Equiano rum will be donating a percentage of profits to an equality project – do we need anymore reason to raise our “spirits”

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The Observer – “Where to start with a constantly evolving, heritage-rich scene? Guest editor and rum aficionado Stormzy gave us a couple of suggestions. First up, one with an intriguing back-story, Equiano” – David Williams, Stormzy Guest Editor – VIEW

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by the company’s cocreator, expert mixologist, and world renowned rum ambassador Ian Burrell” – VIEW

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Bevvy – “Spirits are often more associated with the act of forgetting, rather than remembering, but Equiano may prove the exception to that rule.” – VIEW

NBC News – “Embarking on a journey (of flavor) …this blend of African and Caribbean rums is the first of its kind, the story that inspired it is likewise captivating” – VIEW